Sorting and Grouping Shapes & Colours


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The 3 rectangular blocks on the top row represent 3 basic colours red, yellow and blue.  The 3 semi-circular blocks on the left column represent 3 different shapes triangle, circle and square.  To play, teacher or parent can use any one of the 3 semi-circular blocks and the 3 rectangular blocks, and ask the kid to match the square blocks with the colour blocks.  Or, to place all 3 colour blocks and all shape blocks on the board, ask the kid to place all 9 square blocks at the right positions.  A perfect toy for shape learning, colour recognition and logical thinking skills development.

  ITEM # : MK08848
  SIZE(cm) : L:28.00    W:28.00    H:3.70
        (inch) : L:11.0    W:11.0    H:1.5
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