Secret Code 13+4


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  • fun playing for the whole family
  • tests mathematical skills in the process
  • Tonight is the night the secret mission “Amun Re” begins. The team, made up of four cunning secret agents, breaks into the museum and thanks to their precise calculations, cracks the tricky codes of the security installation. Be it through addition or subtraction, multiplication or division, the numbers on the dice have to be combined so that the results coincide with the code numbers. Who will be the first to overcome all the light barriers to get hold of the precious Amun Re mask?

    Contents: 1 game board, 4 secret agents, 15 number tiles, 6 dice, Set of game instructions.
    Product weight 599 g
    Language englisch
    Material wood
    Age from 8 years
    Age to 99 years
    Game type learning game
    dice game
    concentration game
    Number of players from 2 persons
    Number of players up to 4 persons
    Game duration from 15 min
    Warnings Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
    Illustrators Stefan Fischer
    Authors Jürgen Grunau
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