Creepy Creepy Crawlies


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The second Malefix the Sorcerer goes away on a trip, his apprentices secretly explore his enormous book of magic spells! All of the pages are blank upon first glance, but soon enough the sorcerers put the pens to good use vy starting to paint.
The sorcerer´s apprentices take turns guessing what is being painted. This is harder than it seems, because the whole picture is covered up by bookmarks at the beginning; so the fastest and most imaginative apprentice will be the first one to guess the picture correctly.

  • Details

    Bugeyed munching beetles, fluffy, fuzzy caterpillars and smooth grasshoppers scurry topsy-turvy because they still need to take the big leaves to the feast site before the creepy-crawly feast begins. Who wants to help these cute, crawly creatures? But you’ll need clever fingertips to feel two of the same crawly creatures underneath the face-down leaves and keep the leaf trail moving forward.


    1 game board, 6 leaves, 20 dewdrops, 1 die, 3 sheets with 2 stickers each,
    1 set of game instructions.

    Age: 4-99 yrs

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