Clutching puzzle Police Deployment


99 件庫存

貨號: HABA304590 分類: , 標籤: , , , , ,


  • enjoyable puzzle fun on the popular theme of policing
  • nurtures fine motor skills
  • 8 puzzle pieces with large, handy clutching knobs
Product details
Going out on patrol with the police is always exciting. In this clutching puzzle, the main piece – the figure of a police officer – is complemented by other pieces associated with a police deployment: a police car, traffic lights and a sniffer dog, all of which are easy for small children to manipulate. They will enjoy piecing the puzzle together on their own or with others.
 7 pieces.
Motif: police
Product weight: 0.266 kg
Height: 2.6 cm
Width: 20 cm
Length: 25 cm
Number of parts: 7 units
Age from: 12 month
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